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. schools resume in connecticut as police discover new details for last week's deadly shooting well, it is cold out there, time now for the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, i am pam
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cook. >> and i am dave clark. i just saw steve 10 seconds ago, grab a coat? >> yes, it's cold out there. rain will be coming back thursday, we are in between systems, lows in the 30s for many. i think the showers will fall apart in mendocino. highs 50s colder and breezy, here is sal. highway 4 coming up to the willow pass grade, no major problems getting up to concord right now. also this morning, we are looking at san francisco, north 101 looks good approaching the 880 split, let's go to dave and pam. many bay area schools are on high alert. channel 2 reporter allie rasmus has more on a scare yesterday that had police searching two local campuses, allie? >> reporter: well, it is a sign
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that most schools across the country are not taking any perceived threats lightly. here we are in pleasant hill, this elementary school and the daycare, they are all located next to each other. they were briefly locked down after somebody called and said, you are next and immediately hung up. steve lawrence sent a recorded phone message about this incident and the school's immediate response. >> as a parent of two daughters, i understand the urge to want to protect our children in these confusing times it becomes an overriding feeling to want to protect our children. >> reporter: now the police came to all three campuses to make sure there was no viable threat to the schools. the schools were in lockdown and they were safe and secure
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at at the time. police determined there was no threat but they are working with the phone company in order to track down where that phone call came from. a full investigation has been launched because of this phone call and it is an indication that threats to schools these days will not be tolerated at all. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. an 18-year-old in fairfield is behind bars accused of posting threats similar to friday's shooting in connecticut. a post on facebook said he supports the actions of the gunman and is thinking about carrying out similar actions. the police say he has access to firearms in his home. and in newtown with the exception of sandy hook elementary people are resuming going back to school. with the exception of nancy lanza she was devoted to her
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children. one man said she could come to school to help her interact with other children. nancy would also help friends and strangers and in the meantime, there is no clue on what led him to shoot at innocent children. they were not able to get any information out of the computer because he destroyed it with a hammer or screwdriver before the massacre began. the names and ages were red allowed. 20 flames represented the lives taken too soon. the gunman's mother and the gunman. >> people in our community are just heart broken over what has happened in connecticut and we all identify with the parents and with the community where
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these little children have been killed so horribly. >> one person with a special bond to newtown is betty. her grieve was clearly visible during last night's service. two more bay area funerals are scheduled. then tomorrow, the sikh community will hold a vigil on rockville road. anybody who comes is encouraged to bring notes in support of their families. gun sales are surging in many parts of the country following the school shooting. coming up, the one store that is pulling guns from its shelves. new this morning from richmond. one person has been treated for smoke inhalation after a house caught fire and this is on
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geraldine avenue. in the meantime, eight people including several people had a hazmat scare in red wood city. janine de la vega has more on what happened there, good morning. >> reporter: everything is quiet at this moble home park but last night there was all sorts of people needing help after being exposed to fumes. people inside a moble home park on bay road set off a bug fogger used to kill fleece. they did not -- flees. they did not leave the home and when firefighters came they were exposed as well. they were sheltered in place and were taking in hazardous vapor. they were able to stop the fogger but eight people were taken to the hospital for treatment, three residents, three firefighters and two ambulance workers and we are told the first responders are
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okay but we don't know the condition of the people who actually live at this moble home park and we put in a call to find out but they have not gotten back to us yet. i went on the website and it clearly said if you are going to use this type of fogger you have to leave your home and shut all the windows and doors and clearly that did not happen here. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. let's go back over to sal and check in on the early commute, hey, sal. hey, pam, we are off to a decent start and we are doing well on the major roads and i want to mention it is looking good, if you are coming in on the vallejo area, it has been a nice drive with no major problems. we have no major problems there and i want to mention something
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near the avenue. there is word of an accident and police are on the way to check it out. if you are driving, northbound 280 traffic looks good all the way up into the valley, northbound 101 and 285. coming down from the coast, i think a lot of this is being helped to support the ocean temperatures compared to the inland temperatures which are notably warmer. there is some dry air inland keep an eye on things, we are not much in the way of showers. 30s and 40s, about 15 degrees colder and the coldness will not arrive until noon. it is going to be a colder and breezy day and we are in between systems. a very strong system came in and today is the colder day though. sun and clouds and showers to the north, highs today are not going very far and there will
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be upper 40s and lower 50s for some. you might be a couple of degrees warmer near the coast. tonight clear and rain begins in the north. friday saturday and sunday looks like rain. >> steve, thank you, our time now is 5:08 but we have new information about the crash that killed jenny rivera and a band was suing that company from san jose that owned that plane. the fiscal talks, there was a counterproposal from president barack obama. we are off to a decent start with the commute and i will have more on your commute and more on the bay area weather. stay tuned. every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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. welcome back, time now 5:11, a production team has been released after being held captive for five days. this is foreign correspondent richard engel. they were freed after a gun battle at a checkpoint. richard speaks flaunt arabic and thinks they were loyal to the government. >> their teenage daughter was
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forced into prostitution. prosecutors say they murdered calvin snead in june after learning their daughter may have been working as a prostitute for him. they found his car in the bay view neighborhood. two other people are also charged in the case. a preliminary hearing is being held for a man who performed cosmetic surgery without a license. they received treatment from carlos guzman at the mission district and those procedures included face lifts and hyposuction and he has also been charged with sexual assault. there are signs of a breakthrough in the fiscal cliff negotiations. from the washington d.c. newsroom, it seems like both sides are moving towards common
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ground. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner met with president barack obama for the third time in eight days and there seems to be movement on one of the main sticking points, raising income tax on the wealthiest americans. they are targeting raising on those making more than 250,000 and house speaker john boehner has targeted those making more than 1 million. now they are targeting those making more than 400,000 a year but the president said he wants more entitlement reforms and more works needs to be done before they can reach a deal. president barack obama will have to win over liberal democrats and conservative republicans. more on that in my next update, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> we have more information about the business dealings of a man who sold a plane to the
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late miss rivera who was in the plane that crashed. the san jose based man backed out to buy another plane from that same executive. he did not collect the deposit because he said the plane was unacceptable. they are scheduled for another meeting in the los angeles area. gun stores nationwide said they have seen an increase in sales during the past few weeks. store owners in oregon, virginia and texas said many people are coming in to buy guns because they fear for their safety. they say the president's response to the issue has likely prompted an increase in sales as well. they are pulling sent any automatic rifles from its shelves as well and they are removing guns from stores
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closest to newtown. it is out of the respect for the families and victims of last week's shooting. they are calling for stricter gun control laws but not rick terry. they are tooking about the information offered by terry by a group much gun supporters. drivers will be allowed to use hands free technology to talk and text while you drive. another law will ban underage drinking on chatter party buses. those arrested on suspicion of dui, you will have to submit to a blood sample instead. let's neck on traffic, any problems -- let's check in on traffic, any problems, sal? in napa on harden road, it is not causing a big traffic
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jam but there is some injuries though, you can see traffic is moving along nicely coming to the willow pass grade and no problems in antioch although it is getting a little bit busy there as well. and over to the toll plaza, it is a nice drive to san francisco. and cass -- cast you are valley -- caster valley is a nice drive, here is steve. colder breezy today, sunny and breezy over the hills, we have a lot more clouds over the water very cold tomorrow, mostly sunny and a rainy pattern mostly mountain snow, big temperature drop today, rain returns in the evening in the north bay and for everybody, rain until sunday.
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and everybody will be struggling to get out of the 50s unless you are close to the water. we have a lot of cloud cover, most are over water and once they move over land we have that northerly breeze which should take care of it and there could be a few build ups along the sonoma coast and most of that is being helped along the ocean. if it was not for the breeze they would be even colder than that. 32 in ukiah, there are some cold readings to the north and they have been going down over the next couple of hours. in between, we had that rain, some of that rain is moderate to heavy and that's a hoe hum system compared to what is coming in thursday and friday. clouds in the upper 30s and 50s, the closer to the water
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you get, that is not much. cold tonight tomorrow morning, increasing clouds, rain starts thursday night and plan on-and- off rain -- off and on rain coming in on through sunday. investors seem to be breathing a sigh of relief in u.s. fiscal cliff negotiations. they finished the trading session with gains and in china anti-jaun, they -- and tie jaun they also -- taiwan they also posted gains. nasdaq, s&p 500, dow jones industrial average, they are all in pretty good ape and nasdaq is back above 3,000. iphone owners are happy to have them back on their smart phones. there were more than 10 million beyond downloads to new maps since it was available.
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apple decided to drop the map but then the maps were harshly criticized and he offered alternatives. >> you have yours? >> yes. >> just imagine, television and twitter, working together. the new way twitter will measure how much television you are watching. >> plus workers will go on strike at oakland international airport. get the top stories sent straight to your cell phone. get your morning wake-up call by texting the word wake up to 70123. hness of bleach.
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. workers say they have been without a contract for months and they will go on strike unless an agreement is reached by monday. the two sides are at odds and worker's say they have proposed eliminating paid meal breaks and freezing hourly wages. a sikh temple has drawn complaints from some neighbors.
5:24 am
the temple leaders want to expand the facility from 28,000 square feet to 4 is thousand square -- 41,000 square feet but traffic and parking is already a big problem because of the temple. they are going to have a meeting for the temple. he can prevent anymore mass shootings like the one in connecticut and he said give guns to teachers. knee jerk gun control is not the answer. teachers who have proper training should be allowed to carry weapons on campus. >> if you go through the process and you have been duly backgrounded and trained and you are a concealed handgun licensed carrying individual,
5:25 am
you should be able to carry your handgun anywhere in this state. >> now the state of texas like other states have seen a boom in gun sales ever since that connecticut shooting, others are buying for protection and others are saying it may be hard to buy a weapon in the future. flags will remain at half staff to honor the victims of friday's shooting. now many schools have counselors available for students. students are sending out e- mails and making calls to parents ensuring their children are safe. they have several lockdown procedures in place. twitter is teaming up to create a new measurement of television viewership. they will comment on them as they watch television. they are expected to see
5:26 am
twitter ratings as a useful tool to determine the shows' popularity. the car sharing business will add 15 new vehicles to its fleet. they will let them park for free in city owned parking lots. city leaders say for everyone zip car, they are taken off the streets. they already have 12 cars available in san jose. time now to check back in on traffic, here is sal. we don't have any problems but in palo alto near the stamford shopping center, between el comino right near the mall, there is a broken water hydrant causing some delays in that area. let's go out and take a look at these pictures, 280 northbound  and that traffic looks good getting to highway 17. also the commute looks good
5:27 am
passed mission boulevard as you head south to the bottom of the hill, 625, let's go to steve. and that airport is 28 degrees and they are 34 and that cold air is working its way in with cloud cover to the northwest, but mainly colder and breezy to a few mid-50s, pam. thank you, steve. a traffic alert in contra costa, the road that will be shut down because of a possible sinkhole. with increasing calls for gun control following the connecticut shooting, we have more on the unusual response of the rifle association. and a car crashed into a building in concord and we will have a look at the damage when we come back.
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. good morning, it is tuesday december 18l1thl0, i am dave clark. we have been talking about cold weather, is that in the mountains? >> well, today is cold, but a lot of cold air is working its way in from los gatos, it is a noticeably cooler morning and we run into dry air and it falls apart. starting off 30s and a lot of low 50s, here is sal.
5:31 am
it looks good here as you drive passed the commute and passed the coliseum and our cameras are shaking. and 880 westbound is looking good as you head to the mcarthur maze. a car crashed into a game stop store in concord. tara moriarty is on the scene with a look at the damage, this is tough because it will be a busy time for that store. >> reporter: this is something you don't see very often according to the store manager here. a car drove through the storefront at the game stop and you can see the shattered glass is everywhere and according to police, it appears it was a brazen burglary and the thieves were after some iphones that were in that display case. now the car was a silver honda that drove through the metal
5:32 am
doors and police arrived on scene. they say the car was registered and believe it was stolen. the incident happened shortly before 4:00 a.m. and it triggered the alarms and police arrived just after 4:00. the driver and the car was here all banged up but no driver. we spoke to the manager and she is not allowed to appear on camera, but she was shocked. she said somebody has thrown a rock through the window in the past but driving a car through, well, that is new. they are boarding up the store to prevent any other looting and the store is also closed. they are marking one week since that deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary.
5:33 am
church bells will ring representing each person killed in newtown. two six-year-old boys were buried yesterday and today 6- year-old jessica will be laid to rest. we take you back where mourners are still paying respects to victims and this investigation continues. well the national rifle association has been very quiet following the connecticut school shooting. now gun control supporters protested outside the offices in washington d.c. and the n ra has not released any statements. and the facebook page has disappeared. they have defended the rights of gun owners.
5:34 am
the california's pension funds, knew fun has an inn vetment and -- are determining that those were the guns used in the shooting. they are set to open on university avenue near blossom hill road. the owner said it will serve hunting fishing and other law enforcement communities. they are upset that the issue was never presented to the public. >> i would like to see if we can get these people who own in to keep some sort of guarantee that they will not sell clips that hold 100 bullets and they will not sell ak-47 15s. >> they are talking about the permission process for storing
5:35 am
firearms report february but they are not affecting them unless the store moves. it happened to firefighters in red wood city, they were taken to a hospital after a hazmat situation. jeanine has more on how they got sick. how dave, i spoke with one of the residents who were told to stay inside because of something one of their neighbors did. just after 8:00 last night firefighters were called to this moble home park because people inside one of them set off a bug fogger to kill an infestation. they did not leave the home and placed the defogger in a small place and then called emergency crews. >> they stayed inside the very
5:36 am
tight space when they were supposed to leave and not stay. >> reporter: three of them had to be taken to the hospital and so were three ambulance workers. we are told the first responders are going to be okay but we do not know the condition of the residents. you can't smell anything now but on the product's website, it says after you set the fogger, leave immediately and close your windows and doors and obviously that did not happen. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. right now we are keeping an eye on the situation which may affect your morning commute. one contra costa road is closed because of a possible sinkhole. and the crews are trying to fix the road and a potential sinkhole is starting to form
5:37 am
out there. just look at these pictures. marsh creek road will be completely shut down between deer valley road and pine lane. but you will still be able to get to your homes. it happened at 6:40 near lake merit. a man and a woman were hit in the crosswalk and were rushed to the hospital. one is in critical condition and one has serious injuries. firefighters were called to the westfield on market street at 8:15 last night. firefighters found smoke inside the large creek restaurant. they quickly put out the fire and shoppers were allowed back
5:38 am
inside. it is about the future of a small 7 eleven outside san mateo drive. they are worried about the traffic it could bring and because of zoning they say the city should not have given them permits to open. >> we believe the city has actually not followed its own laws and that's why we are here. >> they will determine whether the seven 11 can stay open whether it is technically residential. so far we are helping, it is raining and you can see traffic looks good coming to the toll place and there is a little bit of slowing in the cash lanes but still it is a
5:39 am
nice looking drive and it is clear visibility on the bridge. moving north 880 northbound and it is windy and the camera seems to be shaking but other than that, traffic is moving well. and on the triangle, they are seeing a little bit of slowing on the pass but it does look good to dublin and the valley. well, lows are in the 30s and rain returns for everybody. some of the higher elevations just noticed that and it's more of a breezy day and that could add up and i have some updates to show you. now off the coast, the warmer water is supporting shower
5:40 am
activity but once you run into land, it has dryer air and this will dissipate. we could get a few clouds along the coast and some of the higher elevations long mendocino county. there is a definite windchill in the air so definitely bundle up. the colder air is still filtering in and if it was not for the cloud cover, they would be cooler and in fact single digits. a lot of activity is moving to the north, colder and breezy into wednesday, and it parks itself and it will not be as strong as it was from three weeks ago but saturday looks like a steady rain. three to five inches north bay and 2 to 4 for santa cruz mountains and i will fine tune
5:41 am
those once we get closer. a little warmer by the bay and closer to the coast but not that much warmer. it will be a cool breeze city day. thursday night through saturday and sunday, it looks like a rainy pattern. two young bay area boys are accused of a serious crime, what they reportedly said after they were caught. >> good morning, 680 southbound looks good on the sunole grade, we will tell you more about traffic and the troubled spots.
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. good morning colder and breezy and highs are in the lower 50s for many inland. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following at 5:43, police in pleasant hill made to the middle school which put two schools on lockdown. somebody called and said, you are next and then they hung up. police are searching both schools and they searched and no threats were found. several people needed medical treatment after what happened in the city. authorities said it looked like people living in a moble home set off a bug fogger which
5:45 am
created hazardous fumes. none of the injuries are believed to be serious. and president barack obama and house speaker john boehner seemed to be inching towards a deal on the fiscal cliff. president is now talking about raising tax rates on people making more than 400,000 a year instead of $250,000 a year. and schools in newtown connecticut are still grieving and joining us where the funerals continue. >> reporter: that's right, pam, charlotte loved school and jessica also, she loved horses. those are the two young girls who will be buried next. the morning continues in newtown connecticut, today two more little victims will be laid to rest. mourners said a final goodbye
5:46 am
to jack pinto. >> it was very sad. the family took it as hard as any parent would take it losing their first grader. >> reporter: and a large crowd showed up to say goodbye to noah pozner. >> i started to cry, it is very close to home. >> reporter: students head back to school except for sandy hook elementary students. they were moved to a school in a neighboring town where sandy hook students will eventually return to class. >> we are putting our arms around people. >> reporter: it is still unknown why the 20-year-old gunman opened fire and authorities are interviewing witnesses and looking at the shooter's smashed home come pewter hoping to find answers. >> what we know as investigators, connecticut, this town of newtown want to
5:47 am
know what happened. we will provide any and all information and we will paint a crystal clear picture as much as we possibly can. >> reporter: and they are canvassing all of the gun ranges in this area and simply because we now know the shooter used to attend target practice with his mother. back to you. thank you, renee. there is a new way for people around the world to help support the newtown community. we will tell you what is being done so that anybody can send in their condolences. two young boys from vallejo are accused of breaking into a home and stealing a rifle. they broke into a home on irene drive and were seen running with a rifle case. both were arrested after a foot chase. when they questioned the children they said he was going to use the rifle on police if
5:48 am
they came too close. the 12-year-old was turned over to his parents and the 14-year- old is now in juvenile hall. american troops left iraq and this is an observance event at the san francisco federal building on 7th street. a year after troops withdrew security it's still a challenge. 29 people were killed yesterday and dozens more bombings continue in iraq the iraq president was rushed to the hospital during the night because he had a stroke. former president bush is being released from the hospital on track to resume christmas. he is recovering from the lingering affects of bronchitis. he entered on november 23rd and his treatment is now focused on physical therapy to help regain
5:49 am
strength. end exact date is still undetermined. we are off to a decent start on a tuesday, yesterday it was raining and it is just a little bit worse but it seems the traffic is doing well and let's take a look at some of these pictures and that looks good with no major problem getting into san francisco. but there are no major problems and traffic is looking well. that traffic is also doing well and again we are off to a decent start. let's go to steve. we have shower activity off the coast of mendocino but it is running into dry air, north wind and breeziness in some of the higher elevations, no wind watches today but in fact there
5:50 am
is a freeze warning and frost advisory from 24 hours from now and that tells you how cold this air mass is. 30s and 40s, there are a few windchills and again the coldest weather arrives today. a lot of this shower activity is hugging the coast and finally a good system sets up and it looks like it moves in on sunday and parks itself. some of the rain totals could be decent with the heaviest rain on sunday. it could be nothing compared to what we had weeks ago. sun and clouds and showers to the north 50s on the temperatures and in fact we'll see upper 40s in the higher elevations and it will be a very chilly day.
5:51 am
clouds in crease and takes us right into your weekend. late last night a federal judge denied apple's request to have them banned. they do violate the patents but the technology is covered by hundreds of patents. and sung has been ordered to pay them $100 million. according to the new york times, the pain eastern names 19 occasions when they paid off mexican officials. last april, they talked about an internal suppression. they now have a general version of the easy bake oven in the works. they say she encouraged hasbro to use ads to make a new black
5:52 am
and silver version and her little brother likes to cook so they are making a new easy bake oven in silver and black. how the tragic killing of a high school athlete is affecting an inn tier community. plus in vallejo, another christmas tree was stolen but this is not any holiday tree. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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. good morning, it is cold out there, we have rather gusty winds in some of the higher elevations and it will be a cool, cool day for many. and they are mourning the death of a star student athlete. blakely was tragically killed. we see his photos and believe it or not they were taken just a couple of hours before he was shot and killed. word of the young football player's death shocked his family and friends and grieve counselors met with about 50 kids. >> he was a great friend, everybody wanted to be around him all the time.
5:56 am
>> a candle light vigil will be held and they will donate christmas trees in his name. now they are sending letters and they received more than 100 cars from people who want to send cards and care packages. now there is a special post office box for people who want to support. postal workers say they already expect the box will be filled many times in the coming days. in a story you will only see here on 2, somebody has stolen a living christmas tree right out of the front of his home. he planned three trees after his son died of cancer. now somebody has taken the last tree which was fully decorated
5:57 am
right out of the ground. >> last time we came, we saw it right there, that is kind of mean. eye i just don't know. he said, next year he will just put up some lights around his front porch. until now, facebook could see where their friends were. and others will be able to offer recommendations and ratings for those locations. the city of san francisco has started tearing down a historic building that was destroyed by fire. it happened at the san francisco zoo and investigators determined that the building was not safe and needed to be turned down.
5:58 am
the pool house was built in 1929 and at one time was home to the city's largest swimming pool. it is a little bit busier although it is not as bad as it was, cold, clear and if you are driving, it is not a bad drive but so does 580 coming back into dublin. we are live in pleasant hill with the very latest on a school threat and the reaction to it. and the reason police say there was no accident. i will have your cool forecasted highs right around
5:59 am
the break.

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